The most fluffy chicken in the world and a chicken without feathers

The most fluffy chicken in the world and a chicken without feathers

The most fluffy

The Chinese chicken cannot be confused with any other breed, as its extremely fluffy plumage makes it look like a poodle with a characteristic “cap” on its head. Roosters are decorated with beards and sideburns.

Once rich aristocrats wanted to see amazing birds with tufts and almost weightless plumage resembling silk.

The plumage of these chickens resembles down or wool fibers. Birds are sheared like sheep. From 120 g to 150 g of down gives one chicken for two haircuts. The feathers grow quickly, because after 40 days the chicken can be cut again.

And Chinese silk chickens have five toes on their feet. Two separated fingers are behind. There is a small layer of feathers on the front fingers. It has dark blue, almost black bones. The Chinese found that the meat of Chinese silk chickens contains phosphorus, calcium, B vitamins, amino acids, nicotinic acid. In Chinese medicine, the meat of this breed of chickens is used to treat tuberculosis, headaches, kidney disease. The average price of one egg is $ 5. The chicken costs from $ 6 and up, the adult $ 50.

No feathers

This amazing breed was created by a team of researchers led by Avigdor Kahener, a geneticist at the Rehovot Institute of Agriculture near Tel Aviv, Israel. The red-skinned chicken was created by crossing a natural breed of “naked” chicken with a normal broiler. The “author” of the breed explains that due to the complete absence of feathers, these chickens grow faster, with less food. In addition, they do not require plucking feathers.

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