The team of Agrotechnika LLC has been enriched with valuable staff

The team of Agrotechnika LLC has been enriched with valuable staff

The team of Agrotechnika LLC is ambitious, talented, smart managers-strategists and employees who work hard to achieve the set goal!

Yes, we are a large successful company, which consists of many links, large and small, which together ensure the smooth operation of the company.

Today we will tell you about extremely talented young workers who have recently joined the team of Agrotechnika.

Yaroshik Olga and Fedchuk Nadiya

Yaroshik Olga. A very young girl, like most university graduates, began looking for a job in the specialty and posted her resume on one of the search sites. And two weeks later, our company’s human resources department invited her for an interview.

Olya Yaroshik about impressions from work:

– After the interview I was looking forward to the results. Impressions are only positive: the company is large and they work here with pleasure, because everyone can realize themselves and gain new experience. I really liked it, because I have no experience, I believe in my strength and I want to develop professionally. A few days after the initial interview (it was mid-July), I was called and told to meet with the head of the department where I was to work if a positive decision was made. I immediately liked Oksana Stepanovna Skrypnyk, at that time acting head of the department of supply of oilseeds and sales of products of their processing. She is a very qualified leader of a successful department. It was she who began to introduce me to the case, to show the most necessary, the order of preparation of primary documents, how to negotiate with the client. I am very grateful to her for believing in me, telling me in detail, repeating it several times when it was necessary. In a few months, I learned a lot of information. Yes, it was not easy, but the desire to learn and be useful to such a company took over. During the period that I worked under the leadership of Oksana Stepanovna, I realized that I was interested in export operations, the specifics of the work and the procedure for preparing primary documentation. After a two-month internship under the guidance of Oksana Stepanovna, I successfully passed the certification and a few days later was transferred to the commercial department and work as a manager of trading operations under the leadership of the Jury Alexander Yevgenyevich – head of grain exports. Now I like working in an even bigger team.

The second young person worthy of attention is Nadiya Fedchuk, an employee of the supply department. It was only in October of this year that she was accepted as an intern in the supply manager team of Agrotechnika LLC and has already established herself as a responsible employee.

Nadia said that after graduating from a local university with a degree in International Economist and Translator at the Faculty of International Relations, she sought to find an active job where she could work with people using her knowledge of foreign languages. And she found a place where she can realize herself, a job that she likes. Communication with raw material suppliers and very often communication with foreign partners falls on Nadia, who enthusiastically and passionately undertakes new management tasks.

We wish you strength, inexhaustible optimism on the way to gaining experience!

Sincerely, Agrotechnika Ltd.