We work for you!

We work for you!

Agrotechnika Ltd. is a team consisting of more than a hundred employees who, with their work, skills and abilities, raise the company to a qualitatively new level every day.

Invariable for our “production” team are the constant improvement of recipes, expanding the range of reliable suppliers of high quality raw materials and even more mobile methods of product delivery. Believe me, we try to better meet the needs of each of our customers.

We confidently state that our products for agricultural animals and poultry TM Agrokorm compete with European ones.

The secret of our success is simple:

– use of advanced technologies;

– only high-quality raw materials;

– knowledge and experience of foreign technologists;

– and most importantly – we work to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.

This is what helps us achieve high productivity and significantly reduce production costs.

Sincerely, Agrotechnika Ltd.