Crosses of broilers ROSS-308 and KOBB-500

Crosses of broilers ROSS-308 and KOBB-500

The most popular in Ukraine are two breeds of broilers: ROSS-308 and KOBB-500.










ROSS-308 has good characteristics, in particular the increase per day is 52-58 grams. They have strong muscle mass, which is formed at an early age. The slaughter period begins at 6 to 9 weeks of age, their weight during this period is 1.5-2 kg. Meat is considered a dietary product containing up to 22.5% protein. The feature is short stature and early readiness for slaughter, and they also belong to the broad-chested crosses. In addition, adults give a large number of eggs and a high hatchability of chickens. This allows us to be competitive in the market of broiler chickens.

Features of the COBB-500 broiler are yellow skin color. This property is very useful for retailers, because feeding the bird regular food (without special dyes), the skin will in any case have a pleasant yellow tint. These broilers have white plumage. Very productive in growth in a short period of fattening. The optimal slaughter period is from 35 to 42 days. The average carcass weight of 35 days should be about 1.9 kg, and at the age of 42 days the average weight should be 2.4 kg.

All over the world, COBB-500 broilers are the most popular among farmers because they show excellent results in terms of growth rate and muscle mass gain.

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