World feed production. Results of 2016

World feed production. Results of 2016

During 2016, 1,032.2 million tons of feed were produced in the world, which is 3.7% more than in the previous year (995.6 million tons). Leading positions are occupied by China, the United States and Brazil with production of 187.2, 169.7 and 68.9 million tons, respectively. At the same time, China and the United States occupy 35% of the global market. It is worth noting that in China prices are twice as high as in other countries. Africa has shown rapid regional growth for several years in a row. Feed production in Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya and Zambia has increased by more than 30%. If we analyze the entire African continent, the feed production increased by 13%.

There has also been a positive change in Europe. Spanish feed mills produced 31.9 million tons (8% more than in 2015). Production in Germany, France, Turkey and the Netherlands declined. In total, EU countries were able to produce 249.4 million tons of feed.

The next countries on the list after the top three are Mexico (33.9 million tons), Spain (31.8 million tons), India (31.3 million tons), Russia (29 million tons), Germany (24.5 million tons), Japan (24 million tons), France (23.4 million tons), Others (408.3 million tons).

The structure of global feed production in 2016 was as follows: 44% – produced feed for poultry, 27% – for pigs, 21% – dairy cows, 8% – for other animals.

Source: Alltech

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