Tasting of a juicy grill menu from the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant in the hotel-restaurant complex “Sadiba na Dzherelah”

Tasting of a juicy grill menu from the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant in the hotel-restaurant complex “Sadiba na Dzherelah”

June 27 and 28, 2015 in a cozy hotel complex “Manor on the Sources”, located at: Romashkivka, st. Shevchenko, 2A, there was a tasting of a juicy barbecue menu. For 2 days the guests of the event tasted:

  • “Chevapchichi” – in the classic version of the recipe of this dish, the meat must be chopped by hand with a knife. The composition includes pork – 72%, chicken fillet – 28% and fragrant spices: pepper, mustard, nutmeg, galangal, coriander, cumin, chili and garlic;
  • “Bacon rolls” – the perfect consistency of minced meat, containing 72% pork and 28% chicken fillet, wrapped in thin slices of the most tender bacon. The mysterious taste is completed by a well-chosen variety of spices (cumin, pepper, chili, mace, paprika and garlic) of dried vegetables and spicy herbs (onions, paprika, carrots, parsley, basil, leeks, celery);
  • Bavarian sausages – they include only selected pork (90%) and cheese (10%). When choosing the perfect ensemble of spices for sausage stuffing, the most famous Bavarian culinary art prevailed. Therefore, the refined and unique aroma of selected meat in combination with the inclusion of hard cheese in the “Bavarian” sausages is emphasized by a velvety halo of spices;
  • Chicken sausages – consist of 60% of dietary light chicken meat, which comes exclusively from its own poultry farm, with the addition of the best natural pork (40%). A special charm and uniqueness of taste “Chicken sausages” gives a well-chosen palette of spices (coriander, pepper, ginger, cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, chili and garlic);
  • Sausages “Chicken with cheese” – chicken meat fills the traditional taste of sausage with fragility, but the role of the first violin in the overall bouquet of impressions belongs to the hard Dutch cheese, which is made from real milk according to traditional European recipes,
  • … and also received nice gifts from TM “Pan Kurchak”.

Feasts for the guests of the farmstead “Sadyba na Dzherelykh” were organized by “Novovolynsk Meat Factory” and “Meat Point”.

The purpose of the event was to create a useful and active recreation for regular and new guests of the hotel and restaurant complex, to promote healthy recreation for the whole family and to provide interesting outdoor recreation.

Due attention should be paid to the institution where the picnic took place. Wonderful area, located just 20 minutes drive from Lutsk in a pure pine forest. On the territory of the complex there are cozy gazebos, where you can stay with the company to cook grilled dishes on one of the grills. For lovers of active recreation, there is a pond fishing.

Pine forest, clean air, mineral water springs, hospitable staff, and magnificent views in the hotel-restaurant complex “Sadiba Na Dzherelakh” complemented the juicy barbecue menu from NMC.

The family holiday was fun and interesting for everyone – from young to old, because during the holiday visitors had the opportunity to listen to Ukrainian songs to the accompaniment of an ethnic musical instrument of a colorful folk group, and children were entertained by locals – real live rabbits.

A real family holiday became unique for the “Estate on the Sources” and barbecue lovers. Therefore, the first event of this format in the best Ukrainian traditions, of course, succeeded and made a name for itself. Gourmet meat dishes have delighted both true gourmets and less demanding connoisseurs of culinary art.