In the Lokachinsky area shareholders trust APG “Pan Kurchak”

In the Lokachinsky area shareholders trust APG “Pan Kurchak”

Today, the agricultural sector is developing not only in Volyn, but throughout Ukraine. Needless to say, about us, about our fertile land of Volyn, which is envied by more than 90 percent of the world’s inhabitants.

However, successful business on this land is possible only if we value and care for it, when we remember who is the real owner. It is good that there are agro-industrial companies in Volyn that have mastered these simple and at the same time very important truths.

The staff of the Agro-Industrial Group “PAN KURCHAK” has long been well known to the residents of Lokachyn district. For more than 10 years, a well-coordinated, cohesive team has been working in the field of agriculture, and in particular, in recent years on the territory of Konyukhiv Village Council.

Landowners, having entrusted their land to the company three years ago, still do not regret it. After all, they feel the support and care of APG “PAN KURCHAK”, from small things to serious things. But the most important thing is that the management of the enterprise understands well who is actually the owner of the land and therefore feels responsible to those who entrusted their shares to APG “PAN KURCHAK”. All relations with landowners are based on partnership and mutual respect. This is clarity and decency in drafting contracts, timely rent payments for land shares.

A fundamental issue of the Agro-Industrial Group in the land issue is that the real owners of the land are the people who rent it out. They have the right to know how the land is used, they have to receive a decent rent for the land, they have to feel like full owners, not bow their heads to the tenant in anticipation of his handout.

That is why the other day the Konyukhiv Village Council was visited by representatives of Gubin Poultry Complex LLC, which is one of the largest enterprises in the structure of Agropromgroup Pan Kurchak, and is actually a tenant of these beautiful fertile lands in order to pay rent to local landowners. .

It is worth noting that today the company offers its shareholders the most favorable conditions, among others in the Lokachinsky district. The rent for the share is 3 percent. In terms of this is 1209 UAH per 1 hectare.

In addition, at the initiative of the Chairman of the Agro-Industrial Group “Mr. Kurchak” Martyniak Serhiy Vasyliovych, funds are provided in the amount of 0.5% of the normative monetary value for all shares leased on Konyukhivska s / r by our enterprise.

These funds will be transferred to the local budget of the Konyukhiv village council, and will go to the development of the community. In 2012, 0.5% was UAH 80,435.94.

The fact that only six peasants have leased their shares to the agricultural company so far speaks of the shareholders’ trust in Mr. Kurchak, but today more than 50% of landlords in the Konyukhiv Village Council have expressed a desire to work with Mr. who have concluded lease agreements for a period of 10 years. Such shareholders, in addition, will also receive additional payments of 80 hryvnias for each year of lease.

“I would like to note that the cooperation between our village council and Agropromgroup” Pan Kurchak “was, is and we hope that it will continue, because we are united by people, and this seems to me the most important thing. Mr. Kurchak is constantly paying attention to our community, as we have never been denied requests for assistance in any case. This includes the allocation of New Year’s gifts to our children, and assistance in conducting various festive events organized by us on the territory of the village council, financial assistance is allocated for the treatment of people. And recently, our community won the project “Step to unite the community”, funded by the Charitable Foundation “European Vector” (the founder of which is the owner of APG “Mr. Kurchak” Sergey Martyniak). As part of this project, we have the opportunity to fence our cemetery, because in the village today there are various religious denominations, and this project helps us to unite the community regardless of religion. This is a very good and noble deed, and we are sincerely grateful to Serhiy Martyniak and Pan Kurchak Agropromgroup for not staying away from the problems of the village. In addition, the fact that we did not have any problems with “Mr. Kurchak” with the payment of land lease, also testifies to the reliability of this company as a business partner, which also can not but rejoice “- said Konyukhiv village head Prokopchuk Ruslan Ananiyovych.