Economists are like terrorists: you never know where they will do the next optimization

Economists are like terrorists: you never know where they will do the next optimization

Perhaps the most important department, the “brain” of the company “Agrotechnics”, PLANNING AND ECONOMIC (PEV), because the planning and management of economic activity of the enterprise depends on its success and development.

The main functions of SEW in our company are: budgeting, control and analysis of the company, and, most importantly, the efficient use of available resources.

This department successfully works with 6 employees: 5 beautiful young ladies and 1 man. Every day SEW dough works with the department of accounting and reporting, commercial, sales department of finished products and supply department. Receives reports on the cost of raw materials, calculations of depreciation, information on sales and more. Instead, SEW promptly prepares a huge number of reports, without which it is impossible to systematically evaluate the company’s activities and develop measures to increase its profitability.

And economists make payment plans based on the submitted referrals for payment from each department of the company “Agrotechnics”.

I would like to single out the analysis of the cost of production from the important areas of work of the Deputy Head of SEW. One of the most important tasks is to make this figure lower, but with the maximum preservation of high quality products. And despite the fact that now difficult economic conditions, OUR economists, together with technologists and the sales department of finished products, use all the methods known to them in order to make better use of available resources.

The process of drawing up an annual budget is troublesome, as all departments of the company submit their budgets. SEE economists, in turn, check the relationship between departmental budgets. Only after that the project of the general budget of the Agrotechnics company is made and transferred for the coordination to the management of the company.

Thank you for allowing your economic talents to grow.

Sincerely, Agrotechnika Ltd.