LNTU students at “Job shadow days” felt part of the team of LLC “Agrotechnics”

LNTU students at “Job shadow days” felt part of the team of LLC “Agrotechnics”

We are lucky to live in a time of rapid progress and constant improvement of various technologies. Intelligence, strength and sociability have been replaced by flexibility, speed of perception of information and ability to develop.

Today, universities often use such a method of teaching as “shadowing”, which translated from English means – shadow. This is one of the simplest and most effective methods, because the training itself takes place in the shortest possible time.

The Agrotechnics team invited LNTU students to visit yesterday, November 24. 5 “3rd and 4th year students from the Faculty of Business, as well as from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies came to us as” shadows “: Yulia Zagoruyko, Elizaveta Kuts, Ilya Kovtonyuk, Iryna Okhvat and Vasyl Vedmedenko.

Students were given the opportunity to spend the whole day in the departments of accounting and reporting, commercial, information technology and others, to observe, ask questions of interest to professionals.

Our employees showed a master class. Everyone tried their best to tell and show our guests.

Here are some of the comments from our now friends. Vasyl Vedmedenko (KNIT): “I worked in the information technology department, where at that time there were three people: a senior system administrator and a junior system administrator, in fact, I was his shadow. I got acquainted with the structure of the company from the inside, saw some features of the administrator The impression is difficult to convey to people who are not very familiar with IT, the atmosphere is especially cool! Unlike other departments – in the IT department, as in “nirvana” .Everything is interesting and calm, although I was just one However, I was received warmly as if we have been cooperating for many years. I would like to thank the staff of the company, APG “Pan Kurchak” and the organizers of this event “Job shadow days” for interesting opportunities. ”

Iryna Okhvat: We were in the main office of Agrotechnika LLC, which is part of the Pan Kurchak Agroindustrial Group. New components are constantly studied and introduced, and recipes are developed to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of feed mixtures.The quality of raw materials and finished products is constantly monitored in our own accredited laboratory equipped with modern devices. Ukraine, as well as with foreign companies, exports grain and oilseeds and animal feeds.

My mentor was Andriy Morozov, who introduced me to the case and told me about the capacities and activities of Agrotechnika LLC, showed all the processes that take place in their department. I really enjoyed it! In fact, I thought that everything was much easier, but when I was explained all the intricacies of forming and executing orders, compliance with contracts, logistics operations, how prices are formed in domestic and foreign markets, I realized that this is a really responsible and risky business. employees are responsible. In the future, I plan to do an internship at the company and possibly get a job. ”

Yulia Zagoruyko: “During the one-day internship, my mentor was Tetyana Oleksandrivna, Deputy Chief Accountant for Operational Accounting. The meeting was very friendly, we started with acquaintance with the departments of the main office. Later, my internship took place in the accounting and reporting department. Tetyana Oleksandrivna told about the work of each accountant in an interesting and accessible way and for which area of ​​accounting he is responsible. In general, I liked the internship. Thank you to the organizers for the opportunity to train at such a large enterprise. ”

Elizaveta Kuts: “My mentor was the Deputy Chief Accountant – Andriy Petrovich. A man who has a lot of experience behind him is someone who loves his job very much and gives himself to it to the fullest. He, together with another Deputy Chief Accountant Tetyana Oleksandrivna, told and showed theoretical and practical aspects of an accountant’s work. The professionalism of the company’s accountants is impressive and respectful. ”

Ilya Kovtonyuk left the following comments: “Today I went on a one-day internship at” Pan Kurchak “, namely at Agrotechnika LLC. I did an internship in the feed sales department. interesting and useful information. I could not even think that there is such a powerful company in our city. ”

Sincerely, Agrotechnika Ltd.