Features of fat and meat breeds of pigs

Features of fat and meat breeds of pigs

According to productivity, all pigs are divided into 3 types:

  • meat (bacon), which is characterized by high productivity and good meat qualities;
  • greasy – a thick layer of lard;
  • universal – a layer of lard and meat, high meat quality.

Meat-type pigs are characterized by an elongated body (its length is much longer than the shoulder girth), the front part is lighter compared to the massive rear. One of the characteristic features is high paws and soft ribs.

Meat breeds of pigs start to gain weight best after reaching 50-60 kg, because then they begin to be fattened more intensively with bulk feed (beets, potatoes, melons) with protein supplements to reduce the fat layer. Pigs are characterized by intensive development of muscle tissue and slow fat deposition. After slaughter, the yield of meat is 58-67%, fat – 21-32%.

At the preparatory stage, the basis of the diet should be green and succulent foods (30%). It can be roots, melons. In winter, silage and grass meal are appropriate. Protein per feed unit in this period should be about 115 grams. Next, the basis of the diet should be concentrated feed (85-90%). The most commonly used grain mixtures (wheat, barley, corn, oats). At the final stage of fattening pigs necessarily exclude all additives, as well as soybeans and millet.

Greasy pigs have a deep and wide body, heavy front, chest depth is large. Obviously, their fat stores are quite high, as it is located even between the muscle tissues. At the age of six months, the growth of muscle fibers in piglets stops and the process of fat accumulation accelerates. After slaughter, the yield of lard is 40-45%, and meat – less than 53%.

Piglets weighing about 100 kg are selected for fattening to fat conditions. Their diet should mainly be foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates (corn, beets, potatoes). Also give concentrates.

As for the universal breeds of pigs – they have the characteristics of both of the above breeds. At a young age, piglets produce very high quality pork, with a higher meat yield than lard. In addition, they gain weight quickly. The adult pig gives 53-60% and 29-37% fat after slaughter.

Up to 2.5-3 months, the daily diet of piglets of universal breeds should consist of feed – 1.3 kg, potatoes – 250 g, skim milk – 1 kg, beets – 250 g.

This retention technology allows you to get very tasty pork with thin layers of fat. The daily diet of animals aged 3 months is approximately as follows:

  • skim milk and concentrates (barley required) – 1.5 kg;
  • green fodder – 3 kg;
  • root crops – 2 kg;
  • salt – 20 gr.

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