Sunflower harvesting in Ukraine has started!

Sunflower harvesting in Ukraine has started!

As of September 19, 2.4 million hectares (representing 40.7% of the total area) were harvested from the planned 5.9 million hectares sown with sunflower, of which 5 million tons were threshed.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, 1.8 million tons of corn were harvested from 386 thousand hectares (9% of the total area sown to the crop). Buckwheat was threshed on an area of ​​122 thousand hectares (81%) and received 156 thousand tons. Millet is harvested from 91% of the total sown area, 171 thousand tons are threshed. Soybeans have already been harvested from 610 thousand hectares (33% of the total area) and received 1.3 million tons, which is 33% of the planned area.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine notes that the sowing of winter crops has begun, in particular: 1.1 million hectares have been sown with winter wheat and triticale, 44,000 hectares with rye, 20,000 hectares with winter barley, and 649,000 hectares with winter rape (90% of planned sown areas).

It should be noted that the US Department of Agriculture forecasts a Ukrainian grain harvest of 64 million tons. At the same time, the export of feed grains is projected at up to 37.1 million tons (1 million tons more than the previous forecast) due to the increase in the forecast for barley exports to 5 million tons. The forecast for corn exports remained at 17 million tons. The quantitative estimate of wheat exports increased by 0.5 million tons and amounted to 15 million tons.

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