Agidel LLC is constantly improving its product safety system

Agidel LLC is constantly improving its product safety system

In today’s world, there are high requirements for product quality. When planning production, the manufacturer assumes responsibility to the consumer for the quality of the manufactured product. A precautionary model for product safety and quality management has been adopted worldwide and is being successfully implemented. It is based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a scientifically sound system that guarantees the production of safe products by identifying and controlling hazards.

Due to the need to increase the level of competitiveness and expand markets, the priority of the development of LLC “Agidel” was to create and improve the process management system of the organization. It is based on compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2018 “Food Safety Management System – Requirements for the organization of the production and supply chain.”

Agidel Ltd. occupies a worthy place in the food chain as a producer of hatching eggs and day-old chicks and effectively cooperates with broiler farms in Ukraine.

By joint efforts and fruitful work of the team of Agidel LLC on May 15, 2020, the certificate for the management system according to the national standard of Ukraine ISO 22000: 2018 “Food safety management system – Requirements to the organization of a production and delivery chain” was received. He confirms that the company has a high ability to ensure compliance of products and chains of processes with international safety standards and bring economic performance to the level of advanced companies in the world.

As competitive conditions intensify in Ukraine, the management of Agidel LLC ensures compliance of production processes and product quality with the requirements of international standards.

Author: Khrystyna OZIMOK, Senior Veterinary Doctor of the Incubator and Poultry Station of Agidel LLC