Chicken of Agropromgroup “Pan Kurchak” received the “Halal” certificate

Chicken of Agropromgroup “Pan Kurchak” received the “Halal” certificate

Gubin Poultry Complex LLC, which is part of the Pan Kurchak APG and is currently its largest division, has received the Halal certificate, which means that its products enter the markets of Central Asia and the Middle East, as this certificate allows exporting high-quality Volyn chicken to Islamic countries, because “halal” (from the Arabic al-halal – allowed) – is a mark that confirms the conformity of production to Muslim traditions.

Experts from the Alraid Halal Research and Certification Center visited the newly built Gubin Poultry Complex in Novovolynsk before the opening (in February) to coordinate the entire technological process with Sharia requirements.

Therefore, from now on, a representative of the Alraid Halal Research and Certification Center will be working at the new slaughterhouse. He will ensure that Muslim traditions are observed when slaughtering birds, and that finished products do not contain prohibited components. This is also a prerequisite for obtaining a Halal Certificate.

Meanwhile, today the newly opened complex of slaughter and processing of poultry after commissioning has reached the project capacity of 50 thousand birds per shift, said Deputy Director of LLC “Poultry Complex” Gubin “Vladimir Lvov. Thanks to its opening, the company plans to almost double its production capacity. In addition, the technological process itself has been improved, as modern equipment from a leading Polish manufacturer has been installed here, and the range, in particular, of types of packaged chilled chicken has been expanded. With the commissioning of the new poultry processing plant, production volumes will amount to more than 35,000 tons of finished products, which is 70% more than in 2014.

Today, Volyn chicken is consumed in 11 regions of Ukraine, as well as abroad. In particular, products are already being delivered to Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and the first batch is being prepared for Uzbekistan.