Only professionals work in the company “Agrotechnics”

Only professionals work in the company “Agrotechnics”

Professionalism, the ability to resolve work issues in a timely manner, perseverance and the ability to learn quickly – these are the qualities that are always valued in employees.

Today we will tell you about another part of the best employees of the company “Agrotechnics”.

Sakharchuk Yuriy Dmytrovych started his activity at Agrotechnika LLC in January 2011 as a transport repair mechanic. Yuriy Dmytrovych’s diligence and skill did their job, because in November 2012 he was transferred to senior car mechanic and in less than a year, gaining excellent professional skills and independence in solving complex problems, became head of the transport department. Without exception, all employees under the leadership of Mr. Yuri are satisfied with his clear tasks, daily work plan, division of responsibilities and, in general, his attitude to subordinates. Does not stop in the face of difficulties and has a high sense of responsibility. And yet, Yuri Dmitrievich is an exemplary family man, a modest and simple man with a good heart.

Excellently organizes and ensures the effective operation of the oil shop, consisting of 9 people, a responsible person who is 100% dedicated to work. This is none other than Alexander Lyashko. He began his career as a car mechanic at the Turia feed mill in February 2011. Due to perseverance and personal development in June of the same year he became the head of the feed packaging shop. And six months later, an oil shop was established on the territory of the Turia feed mill, the head of which was Alexander Anatolyevich. With his participation, a new oil production line was put into operation, and all commissioning works of the shop were carried out. As a manager, he performs all tasks set by management efficiently and quickly. Among subordinates enjoys authority.

Viktor Adamovich Veremchuk has been working for the company for 7 years. He joined our team in 2009 and still works as a warehouse warehouse operator in Turiisk. Highly qualified specialist, with the participation of which the bread-receiving enterprise of the production department ships and stores hundreds of thousands of tons of raw materials of grain and oil groups per year. His hard work and responsibility is a model for young workers. Mr. Victor has repeatedly made proposals to improve the operation of warehousing. Employees describe Viktor Adamovich as a determined, diligent and hard-working man.

Be sure that we employ only the best, time-tested and hard-working masters of their craft.

Sincerely, Agrotechnika Ltd.