We have the best employees! Success stories in the company “Agrotechnics”

We have the best employees! Success stories in the company “Agrotechnics”

We open opportunities for professional development, gaining new knowledge and experience, give inspiration to improve work processes and be useful!

In order to motivate employees to achieve high performance, our management sometimes sets difficult tasks and observes how they solve them.

Today we decided to tell you some success stories of employees, how in our company to really move, grow and gain experience.

Petrovsky Serhiy Leonidovych started working at Agrotechnika LLC at a very young age. Came to the company at the feed mill in the village. Turiisk on September 1, 2010. He started as a trainee mechanic. Eight months later, in April 2011, Serhiy Leonidovych was transferred to the position of a mechanic. Skillful hands, constant self-improvement, the desire for knowledge and the desire to be as useful as possible to the plant have done their job. These qualities of the young specialist did not go unnoticed, because colleagues and management responded positively to each “flyer” about him. In January 2013, he was transferred from the position of mechanic to senior mechanic, and in August of the same year he was appointed chief engineer, where he works today. Petrovsky Serhiy Leonidovych is a very active head of his unit, as he is an example to follow. He constantly participates in the commissioning of the Turia feed mill, oil shop, granulation lines. An active participant in the preparation of elevators for work and not only advice, wearing overalls, he participates in troubleshooting manipulations with his team to ensure that the plant worked smoothly.

Cherevko Oksana Leonidivna – beautiful, sweet, modest, smart, with beautiful eyes, which reads experience, confidence and strength. Oksana joined Agrotechnika in July 2011 as a clerk in the commercial department. New employees, as a rule, first slowly get used to the team, and then only begin to learn: what, how, where? From the first impression no one could say that she would so actively begin to delve into the work of the department. According to her, the most interested in export operations, customs clearance, customs clearance, loading, unloading of cars, trucks. In November 2013, a new structural unit was created, the main functions of which were the organization of logistics, including rail and road freight, so the first candidate for the position of manager of this department was Oksana Leonidovna. Having successfully worked for a little over a year, gaining practical experience, in December 2014 she was transferred to the position of head of export logistics, she has 6 employees.

Yasynska Tetyana Oleksandrivna is a model of true femininity. She has an analytical mind, demanding of herself and subordinates, accurate, attentive and disciplined. Ms. Tatiana, who is a very important quality for an accountant, is an optimist. This wonderful person and responsible employee started his career in our company in 2011 as an intern accountant. Only 3 months after the adoption was transferred to the position of accountant for receipts and sales of raw materials and finished products, another 3 months later transferred to the position of accountant for work with suppliers. In December 2012, Tetyana Oleksandrivna became the Deputy Accountant for Tax Accounting. Exactly a year later, having received comprehensive knowledge in this position and passed absolutely all parts of the accounting and reporting processes, deservedly transferred to another – Deputy Chief Accountant for Operational Accounting and Production. Today, Ms. Tatiana is already the Deputy Chief Accountant, and this year until August, during the absence of the director, she is the acting director of the company.

We truly thank you for your responsible work, for the right decisions, for investing a part of yourself for the development and prosperity of the company.

Sincerely, Agrotechnika Ltd.