Mr. Kurchak will help you choose your future profession

Mr. Kurchak will help you choose your future profession

At least once in a lifetime, but every graduate of the school is faced with the choice of future profession and where to continue their studies, because mastering the specialty allows you to realize your abilities, make you independent and successful.

Currently, there is a huge competition in the labor market among economists, lawyers, managers and every year it becomes more intense. At the same time, with the stabilization of economic development, the labor market has increased demand for labor, especially in the agro-industrial complex.

One of the most important factors in improving the quality of vocational training, adaptation of young workers to new economic conditions, securing them in the current labor market is a social partnership between vocational schools and agro-industrial enterprises that need skilled workers.

In Volyn Oblast, the first such step in the direction of social partnership was taken by Pan Kurchak Agro-Industrial Group LLC, which offered professional educational institutions (colleges, lyceums, schools) cooperation in training specialists in the agricultural sector.

Ltd. “Agro-industrial group” Mr. Kurchak “is a high-tech enterprise interested in highly qualified personnel. The enterprises of TM “Pan Kurchak” work in a single closed technological cycle, and in a short period of time have created the most powerful production structure in Western Ukraine in the agricultural sector. All production resources of Agropromgroup “Pan Kurchak” are located in the Volyn region.

The main activities of the agricultural enterprise include: growing grain and industrial crops (PE “ZAK”), production and sale of feed (LLC “Agrotechnics”), maintenance of the parent flock, incubation of broiler chickens (LLC “Agidel”), breeding broiler chickens, poultry meat production (Gubin Poultry Complex LLC), pig breeding (Vira-1 LLC), high-tech pork meat processing, production of sausages and smoked products, chilled pork and offal (VMP LLC) and the network branded stores “Meat Point” (LLC “Ukrainian retail chains”).

During January-February this year, representatives of the agro-industrial group “Mr. Kurchak” together with representatives of district education departments held about 30 meetings with graduate students in secondary schools of five (Lutsk, Turia, Rozhysche, Lokachinsky and Gorokhiv) districts of the region. During the meetings it was said that for various reasons not everyone can get a higher education. But you should not be upset about this, because in Ukraine every day more and more respect for the man of labor, highly skilled workers of various labor professions. The enterprises of Agrogroup “Mr. Kurchak” are ready to pay for the education of students in vocational colleges, lyceums, schools, and after the internship is guaranteed to provide them with employment and decent pay.

“We are ready to pay decently for the work of specialists who will come to us for work. The average salary for working professions in our country is from 2,500 to 5,500 hryvnias and is constantly growing. Our highly qualified workers, such as leading zootechnicians, veterinarians, agronomists, heads of departments, receive a salary not lower than the European average. We have also developed a flexible system of incentives for the performance and overfulfillment of production tasks – bonuses, surcharges, one-time rewards, “- said the director of” Agro-Industrial Group “Mr. Kurchak” Konstantin Rupchev.

Graduates now have a difficult task: to take a step that will decide their life destiny. Therefore, I would like to wish them to choose a profession to their liking and become true professionals in their field, to make themselves competitive, qualified and competent, and Ltd. “Agroindustrial Group” Mr. Kurchak “will gladly offer you interesting work, safe conditions and decent pay.

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