Exports of Ukrainian agricultural products in 2016

Exports of Ukrainian agricultural products in 2016

The State Statistics Service of Ukraine reports that in 2016 the total export of agricultural goods amounted to 15.2 billion dollars. ($ 4 billion more than in 2015). The share of agricultural products is 42%. The largest share of exported products of plant origin (over 8 billion dollars) was the export of grain (6 billion dollars).

Exports of agricultural products to EU countries in 2016 reached 4.12 billion dollars. (compared to 2015 increased by 68.2 million dollars), which is 26.6% of total agricultural exports.

The following were exported to EU countries:

  • cereals (corn, wheat, barley) – 1,279.5 million dollars;
  • oils (sunflower, rapeseed, soybean) – $ 1,185 million;
  • oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans) – 587.5 million tons.

The increase in exports to the EU was due to a 2-fold increase in exports of sunflower oil (by $ 505 million), sunflower seeds by 3.4 times (by $ 36.1 million), cake and other solid waste, obtained during the extraction of soybean oil in 4 times (by 18.8 million dollars).

By the way, the largest exporters of wheat in 2016 were “Nibulon”, “Bunge”, DPZKU, “Cargill”, “Kernel”. And the largest importer of grain is China, where they sell products “Granum Trading”, “Nibulon”, “COFCO Agri Ukraine”, DPZKU, “Engelhart STP”.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

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