Exclusive recipes of real Ukrainian hot dogs from Novovolynsk meat-packing plant!

Exclusive recipes of real Ukrainian hot dogs from Novovolynsk meat-packing plant!

Today, Ukrainian consumers increasingly prefer “fast food” products (“street food”) and when choosing something tasty pay attention to the quality and composition of the product. European standards, the introduction of innovative technologies for the production of environmentally friendly food products and Ukrainian raw materials are embodied in the new project “Panska Kanapka” from the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant. By joint efforts, with the help of experienced German technologists, we managed to recreate a real and unique recipe for a delicious hot dog in the Volyn region.

The history of fast food is shrouded in hundreds of legends and legends, which have their roots in the distant XV century. There is a version that the prototype hot dog was first prepared in 1487 in medieval Germany.

Few people know that the first sandwich, in a hurry, in a cozy home kitchen, was prepared by one of Mr. Kurczak’s ancestors, going on a long journey to a distant Bavarian land. Upon arrival at the destination, the generous Ukrainian host treated the locals to a simple culinary masterpiece.

And to make the dish taste better, it was heated in a traditional German oven. The crispy, fragrant crust of rye, healing bread perfectly complemented the taste of the juicy home-made sausage, which was conveniently perched next to the tomato.

Grateful Germans appreciated the taste of Ukrainian treats and enthusiastically called it “Lord’s sofa”. Hundreds of years have passed, many countries claim to be the authors of the first sandwich, and in the hospitable village of Kurchakivka in Volyn, the real birthplace of the original hot dog, an authentic recipe for a delicious dish has been preserved.

All exclusive recipes are historically associated with different parts of the world. Therefore, in 2016, the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant began production of a range of nine hot dogs to meet the needs of the most demanding connoisseur of hot dogs:

– Hot Dog Classic;
– Hot dog Italian;
– Hot Dog Bavarian;
– Hot dog Bavarian with cheese;
– Hot dog Paperoni;
– Hot Dog Student;
– Hungarian Hot Dog;
– Hot dog French;
– Hot Dog Munich;

In April 2016, in Volyn, Lviv and Ternopil regions, exclusive outlets were opened, which are already open and serve appetizing hot dogs to everyone who wants to taste delicious.

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