The Pan Kurchak agro-industrial group is increasing its export volumes

The Pan Kurchak agro-industrial group is increasing its export volumes

Gubin Poultry Complex LLC is successfully expanding the geography of export shipments (USREOU code 31603002, veterinary number 03-20-08).

In 2015, our new trademark “KATKUT” was successfully introduced, which meets the requirements of Muslim markets regarding product calibration and Halal certification. This made it possible to significantly expand the directions of export deliveries. Egypt has recently been added to the list of countries open to poultry products.

Egypt is not only an attractive market with a population of over 80 million, but also a “gateway” to the market of the African continent. Egypt is a member of the economic organization COMESA, which includes 19 African countries. This country is located at the intersection of two worlds – African and Asian and therefore is a strategic link for further promotion of Ukrainian products on the African and Asian continents.

Compliance with the requirements of the state veterinary and certification services of the Egyptian Arab Republic automatically opens access to a number of other Arab and African markets of COMESA member countries, such as Libya, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc.

The peculiarity of the supply to Egypt is the obligatory observance of the requirements of ritual slaughter of Halal poultry, which was successfully introduced at the production facilities of Gubin Poultry Complex LLC together with the Halal Research and Certification Center ALRAID (certification certificate ST № 000724). The organization of export shipments to Egypt provides for the presence of inspectors of the Egyptian Veterinary Service during the manufacture of a consignment of goods, which is an additional controlling factor and guarantee of high quality products produced at the facilities of LLC “Poultry Complex” Gubin ” , 45400, Volyn region, Ukraine).

Our company is proud of the fact that it worthily represents the Ukrainian producer on the international market, creating a worthy competition to the world leaders in the production of chicken meat.