The TOP-10 novelties on the sausage market of Volyn have been determined

The TOP-10 novelties on the sausage market of Volyn have been determined

According to a survey of consumers of meat products, in July 2015, which was attended by more than 1,000 respondents in the Volyn region, identified the Top 10 new products in the regional market. One of the leaders was Zapadenka sausage from the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant.

Why do Volynians like this sausage so much?!

Perhaps the secret of the success of the unique product lies in the ancient recipe, which was found in the cozy estate of the Volyn hostess.

Taking this recipe as a basis, the masters of sausage making improved it and created a unique taste of Zapadenka sausage.

Production of this product – a rather complex process, and the taste of the final product depends on the freshness of the components included in it. The use of the main ingredient – chilled meat – gives a real meat taste, unique aroma and rich color. Thanks to this, all the nutrients and nutrients are preserved in our sausage as much as possible.

But the “highlight” in the recipe for cooking sausage “Zapadenka” is the presence of one of the most expensive spices in the world – Cardamom! Cardamom is famous not only for its exquisite original aroma and taste, but also for its amazing healing properties. The aroma of this fragrant spice has a positive effect on health, improves mood and stimulates the brain.

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