Nyamka sausages: Real – for the most expensive…

Nyamka sausages: Real – for the most expensive…

Taking care of your family’s health, the Novovovolynsk meat-packing plant has created Nyamka sausages, in which it has recreated the best combination – usefulness, naturalness and taste.

Only natural pork and beef are used for cooking sausages, as well as chicken fillets. That is why Nyamka sausages are tender, juicy, and, most importantly, low-fat – a great product for adults and children. The original recipe with the addition of a spicy aromatic mixture specially selected according to the taste composition gives the sausages a characteristic delicate taste and distinguishes this product among a large number of analogues.

Nyamka sausages contain only natural ingredients, they do not contain preservatives and dyes, so they have a short shelf life.

Nyamka sausages are:

  • sausages, specially CREATED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. For mothers who care about the health of their children and want to please them with delicious food.
  • SAFE products of the national manufacturer, made from domestic raw materials, contain only natural and natural ingredients.
  • NATURAL sausages that lift the mood and taste everything!