Novovolynsk meat-packing plant warns about forgery of “Panska” and “Selyanska” sausages

Novovolynsk meat-packing plant warns about forgery of “Panska” and “Selyanska” sausages

Dear partners, consumers and colleagues!

In August 2014, VMP LLC, which represents the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant, found Panska and Selyanska sausages on the counterfeit market, which completely copy the well-known and favorite sausage of the Volyn Product brand.

Counterfeits are made on behalf of LLC “TD” Meat Product “and LLC VZF” ZORYA Dnepropetrovsk “using the shell, which is the object of intellectual property rights. On their shell, these manufacturers used a burlap pattern and fonts of names identical to those registered by the manufacturer.

According to Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection against Unfair Competition”, the use of intellectual property rights is a manifestation of unfair competition and is illegal.

Novovolynsk Meat Processing Plant has been on the Ukrainian market for 45 years (since 1969) and can confidently be responsible for the quality of its products. The fact of such falsification undermines the reputation of our company, for which we have been working for many years. The mission of VMP, part of APG Mr. Kurchak, has been and remains unchanged, and is to produce high quality natural products, safe for health, made without harmful impurities using traditional technology.

Our company has taken strict measures to stop the illegal use of registered trademarks for goods and services.

Consumers who have recorded the facts of unfair competition, please report by phone. (03344) 4-68-80 or Hotline 0-800-500-37-10

We give examples of these counterfeits and encourage you to buy only real and original sausages from a reliable manufacturer !!!