VMP Ltd. pleases consumers with tasty novelties

VMP Ltd. pleases consumers with tasty novelties

At the beginning of August 2014, the Novovolynsk meat-packing plant, which represents VMP LLC, expanded its product line again.

The company introduced new flavors to the market under well-known brands – “Volyn Product” and “Pan Kurchak”.

As always, only natural and safe products, made to the highest standards and traditional technology, will satisfy the most demanding tastes of gourmets.

The following appeared on store shelves:

  • Boiled-smoked sausage “Astoria” of the highest grade
  • Smoked-baked sausage “Bavarian” with whole mustard seeds
  • Half-smoked sausage in “Chicken” rings
  • Hutsul half-smoked sausage
  • “Grill sausages” half-smoked

It is worth noting that in such a short period of time, consumers have already appreciated the new flavors and choose their favorite novelty to satisfy individual and refined preferences.

Try our new products, which you will definitely like!