Five residents of Volyn won a lottery of piglets from the agro-industrial group “Pan Kurchak”

Five residents of Volyn won a lottery of piglets from the agro-industrial group “Pan Kurchak”

On a sunny spring day, April 11, a real holiday came to the attention of five Volyn families. On this day, they were visited by representatives of the Agro-Industrial Group “Mr. Kurchak” in order to fulfill a pleasant mission – to award prizes to the winners of the lottery, which was held as part of the self-employment program “Estate”.

The lottery was initiated by Serhiy Martyniak, the head of Pan Kurchak Agro-Industrial Group LLC, who played five piglets on March 31 during a live broadcast on Volyn Regional Television.

With the help of Serhiy Vasyliovych, the winners of the action were residents of Volyn region from different settlements and districts, namely: Shtun Mykhailo Volodymyrovych from the village of Pryvitne, Lokachyn district, Shepel Feofania Mykhailivna from Osmyhovych, Turiya district, Samolyuk Volodymyr Kindratovych, resident of Khmelnytsky village Petrovna from the village of Dubyshche, Rozhysche district, and Tkachuk Volodymyr Kyrylovych, the village of Mayaky, Lutsk district.

“When I got a call, I couldn’t believe that such a solid prize was waiting for me. The fact that this really came true was believed only when representatives of “Mr. Kurchak” appeared in my yard and handed me a piglet. We would like to thank the Agroindustrial Group and personally its leader Martyniak Serhiy Vasyliovych for holding such wonderful lotteries, giving people joy and wonderful gifts. Not all companies and businessmen can boast of such an attitude to ordinary people, – said one of the winners Feofania Shepel.

Serhiy Martyniak, Chairman of Pan Kurchak Agro-Industrial Group: “We plan to hold such events regularly. We are grateful to all those who took part in our campaign. On behalf of Pan Kurchak Agro-Industrial Group, we congratulate the winners, and those who do not Good luck today, good luck in the future. The opportunity to become a participant in the lottery and still win the prize will be more than once. ”

For reference.

Under the terms of the Maetok self-employment program, the Pan Kurchak enterprise provides piglets for fattening, provides food and veterinary supervision. In 110 days he buys animals at market prices. After deducting the cost of piglets, feed and medicine, determine the profit. According to the calculations of APG “Mr. Kurchak”, it is about 300 hryvnias per unit, and taking 10 piglets for fattening in 3.5 months you can earn 2-3 thousand hryvnias without worrying about feeding.

Today, the “Estate” is gaining momentum and covers many districts and villages in the region, and soon the program should be extended to the entire Volyn region.

The agro-industrial group “Mr. Kurchak” and its Chairman Serhiy Martyniak invite interested owners to join the “Estate” program. Effective self-employment, self-employment, and systematic income are guaranteed.

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