APG “Pan Kurchak” is grateful to farmers for their trust!

APG “Pan Kurchak” is grateful to farmers for their trust!

Given that it is time to harvest from the fields, today we will talk about rapeseed.

Let’s start with the fact that rapeseed is an annual oil plant of the cruciferous family. There are spring and winter rape.

Among other cereals and oilseeds, rapeseed retains a high popularity rating, although it is somewhat cautiously received at reception points, especially if there is no experience of its storage and material and technical base for this.

The team of the company “Agrotechnics”, which is part of the APG “Pan Kurchak”, with full “combat” readiness began receiving rapeseed for modern elevators. We always approach responsibly to each partner who has entrusted us with his harvest. First, the seeds are cleaned, then dried and only then sent for storage (in the elevator or warehouses).

And we save your harvest taking into account all the biological and technological properties of each crop!

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