Harvesting wheat from the fields at the finish line!

Harvesting wheat from the fields at the finish line!

In Ukraine, wheat is the main grain crop. Today it is expensive to grow: in the fall you need to provide protection, 2-3 quintals of fertilizer and at least 3 top dressings. Another important point is the use of drugs to prevent disease.

As of July 29, 19.9 million tons of wheat were threshed from 4.9 million hectares. There is a little more than a fifth of the area planted with this crop left in the fields.

In 2015, the average yield in Ukraine was about 9.5 t / ha. The Colonia variety gave a record yield – 13.1 t / ha, which was the highest in the history of Ukraine. The best results were achieved in Germany in 2013, when the Colonia variety yielded 13.2 t / ha. And this year this variety set a new record – 15.2 t / ha. For other cereals, the data are as follows. From 2.5 million hectares, 8.2 million tons of barley were threshed with a yield of 33.1 c / ha (in 2015 – 29.2 c / ha). 153 thousand tons of rye were harvested from 60 thousand hectares of land with a yield of 25.7 c / ha (in 2015 – 24.4 c / ha). Oats were threshed on an area of ​​31 thousand hectares and 78 thousand tons of grain were obtained with a yield of 25.2 c / ha (in 2015 – 20.9 c / ha). In addition, 1.0 million tons of winter rapeseed were threshed from 395 thousand hectares with a yield of 26.2 c / ha (in 2015 – 25.4 c / ha), (according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine).

As for the Volyn region, as of August 1, 2016, all farms harvested 435.3 thousand tons of wheat (according to the Main Department of Statistics in the Volyn region).

All categories of farms in the Volyn region produced a total of 597.7 thousand tons of grain and legumes, which is 155.8% compared to 2015. The yield was 36.7 quintals per hectare, which is 2.3% more than in 2015.

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