Volynians received gifts for Easter

Volynians received gifts for Easter

On the eve of Easter, for the fourth year in a row, more than 3,000 Volyn residents received food kits with the assistance of Serhiy Martyniak, a People’s Deputy of Ukraine, and the European Vector Charitable Foundation and the Pan Kurchak Agro-Industrial Group.

Assistants to the People’s Deputy have prepared food kits for people who, due to certain life circumstances, are single or disabled and constantly need outside help.

Holiday packages, with the assistance of the agro-industrial group “Pan Kurchak”, were delivered to each house in five districts of the region – Gorokhiv, Lokachyn, Rozhysche, Turia and Lutsk. Operational assistance in this case was provided by social workers serving the relevant areas.

A resident of Rozhysche, 90-year-old Lyubov Nekrasova, with tears in her eyes, thanks the volunteers for their attention, kind words and visit. At her age, she is still energetic, her eyes radiate light and warmth, only the old woman, left alone, is worried. “May God give health to our deputy – to work for people and help people,” he shouts at us, waving his hand from the threshold.

The ward of the Rozhysche Territorial Center, Valentyn Harkavenko, says that he has been living alone for many years, so he has to solve many problems on his own. He notes that he receives the food set for the second time on the eve of the holidays and he is very pleased with Serhiy Martyniak’s attention.

“Many thanks to all of you who do not forget us, the elderly. Support us every year with such gifts. It is a very useful help for such single people, ”he says and is happy that his home is visited and helped on the farm by social workers.

According to the president of the Volyn Regional Charitable Foundation Serhiy Martyniak “European Vector” Halyna Vedrych, it has traditionally happened that the fund welcomes lonely, disabled people for the Easter holidays and Victory Day.

“Thank God, the same people have been receiving such help for several years in a row. First of all, it shows that these people are alive, that they are with us. God bless them for many years, and give us peace and harmony, ”the head of the foundation shared her impressions.

It should be noted that the cooperation of the European Vector Charitable Foundation with the territorial centers of social assistance lasts for many years. Every month, the agro-industrial group “Pan Kurchak” provides meat and sausage products to temporary shelters, which operate on the basis of territorial centers of social services and houses of charity of individual religious communities.