In Berestechko with the help of Agropromgroup “Pan Kurchak” celebrated the 567th anniversary of the birth of the town

In Berestechko with the help of Agropromgroup “Pan Kurchak” celebrated the 567th anniversary of the birth of the town

Traditionally, on the second day of the Holy Trinity in the ancient town of Berestechko celebrate the birthday of the city. This year marked the 567th anniversary. It is worth noting that this year’s celebration was bright and solemn, all thanks to the Agro-Industrial Group “Mr. Kurchak” and its leader Serhiy Martyniak, who were happy to help Brest residents celebrate their birthdays at a high level.

The celebration began in the morning with a joint prayer of the heads of churches of different denominations. After the prayer service, a procession took place in the city.

From lunch, locals could watch the presentation of the energy-saving program “Warm Home”. The main purpose of the organized presentation was to acquaint the city residents with equipment, materials and alternative fuels that will allow them to be independent of external energy sources. During this event, city residents had the opportunity to see solid fuel boilers from Volyn-Kalvis LLC (Kovel) and TeploEnergoService LLC (Rivne), as well as to get acquainted with samples of alternative energy sources: peat, pellets, heating firewood, etc.

The official part of the festivities began at 16.00 on the central square of the city – Freedom Square. Mykola Oleksiyovych Shotik, Mayor of Berestechko, Anatoliy Apolonovych Arshulik, President of the Pan Kurchak APG, and Mykola Mykolayovych Makivka, Head of the Warm Home Program, were invited to the brightly decorated concert stage.

In his welcoming speech, the mayor thanked the Agro-Industrial Group “Mr. Kurchak” and personally its leader Serhiy Martyniak for assistance in the celebration, and for not always being a stranger to the problems of the city and its residents.

During his speech, Anatoliy Arshulik, President of APG Mr. Panchak, noted that ancient and modern Berestechko can be proud that generations of talented and hard-working people are born and grow in it, who change its face and wish all compatriots God’s blessing, health, happiness, prosperity!

It is also worth noting that the representatives of Agropromgroup did not come to the holiday empty-handed. They presented the city with such necessary things in everyday work as a scythe and a radio microphone.

After the grand opening of the holiday on this day there were many more interesting events in the celebration program. This is a concert of a local schoolboy’s house, and a performance of the famous band “Perepilochka” in Volyn and abroad, as well as everyone could try themselves in the role of a singer during the “Karaoke on the Maidan”.