Price for Poultry MEAT,
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The main product of «Gubin Poultry Complex» LLC is chicken carcasses, semi-finished products and by-products made from chicken meat.

Sale of Poultry MEAT

Delivery of finished products in Ukraine is carried out by specialized refrigerated trucks. We make sure that our customers eat only fresh meat from a good owner.

All products comply with international quality standards, this is confirmed by the appropriate certificates, in particular, ISO and Halal. In addition, we are interested in expanding the horizons of cooperation and are always ready to meet our partners halfway, taking into account the wishes regarding the calibration and packaging of products.

In 2016, «Gubin Poultry Complex» LLC received a European veterinary number, which made it possible to sell products to the countries of the European Union, Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Export geography — more than 50 countries.

Price for Poultry MEAT

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    «Gubin Poultry Complex» LLC
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    «Gubin Poultry Complex» LLC
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