New TM “Pan Kurchak” – traditions of gentleman’s taste!

New TM “Pan Kurchak” – traditions of gentleman’s taste!

Never stopping at what has been achieved and always striving to satisfy the most demanding tastes of its consumers, VMP LLC Novovolynsk Meat Processing Plant gave life to the new Pan Kurchak brand.

Traditions of gentleman’s taste in TM “Pan Kurchak” are a combination of traditions, many years of experience and the best recipes.

TM “Pan Kurchak” fully complies with the company’s mission, which is to produce high quality natural products, safe for health, made without harmful impurities using traditional technology.

In stores you can already buy three types of sausages TM “Pan Kurchak” – half-smoked “Salami Finnish” and “Lviv” and boiled-smoked “Milanese Salami”. By the end of the year, the range will be expanded to 40 items, and presented in all groups, so that everyone can choose something delicious for their individual and refined taste.

Become a part of traditions and perfect taste – taste sausages from the Good Master of TM “Pan Kurchak”!!!