VMP Ltd. gave consumers new flavors

VMP Ltd. gave consumers new flavors

Concerned about its consumer and keeping up with the times, Novovolynsk Meat Processing Plant, which is represented on the market of VMP LLC, has expanded its product line by 20 items.

The company presented on the market new flavors under the already well-known brands – “Volynproduct”, “Volyn” and “Ukrainian pork”.

As always, only natural and safe products, made to the highest standards and traditional technology, will satisfy the most demanding tastes of gourmets.

In the first quarter of 2014, the following appeared on store shelves:

Homemade sausages;

Sausages: “Baby”, “Kapitoshka”, “Student”;

Boiled sausages: “Royal meat”, “Mayonnaise”;

Half-smoked sausages: “Lviv”, “Homemade on firewood”, “Firm”, “Classic salami”, “Crimean salami”, “Finnish salami”;

Raw smoked sausages: Balyk “Castellano”, Neck “Fiorentino”, Sausages smoked “Delicatessen”;

Smoked: ham “Juicy”, brisket “Tatra”;

Sausage “Grandma’s little blood”, sausage “Liver Liver”, Meat bread “Firm”.

We suggest you try our new products that are sure to please you!